Blue Diamond Asset Management AG Switzerland Non-Directional Strategy

The investment objective of the Non-Directional Strategy is to provide attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns. The strategy seeks to achieve the investment objective through the use of a systematic investment strategy that attempts to exploit market inefficiencies in liquid volatility-related instruments. The non-directional investment process typically establishes spread positions to seek to capture these perceived market inefficiencies. The Strategy implements its investment decisions primarily with publicly traded volatility, equity index, and bond futures and options.

2016 21.76 11.98
2015 17.66 1.41
2014 10.97 13.69
2013 4.68 32.41
2012 44.37 15.98
2011 18.36 11.81
Average 19.63 14.55
Manager Name: Blue Diamond Asset Management AG Switzerland
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 1
City: Pfäffikon
State: SZ
Zip: 8808
Country: Switzerland
Name: Jonas Stark
Position: Chief Investment Officer

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