Trading rates higher using cost averaging –

Click on Yellen to start the video (skip to 0:54 for specific levels and when)

Right click here to open the corresponding risk/reward spreadsheet, enable it, enter Fed chair Yellen’s rate expectations in cell B-2 position gain or loss will show in cell D-2.

Each 0.01% change in the rate = $41.67 per contract
Current Fed funds rate = 0.10% contract value = $416.67
Click here for current Bloomberg spot quotes

To the top end of the Fed’s current target range 0.2500% value = $1,041.67
Fed expectation December 2015, 1.1250%, contract value = $4,687.50
Fed expectation December 2016, 2.5000%, contract value = $10,416.65
Fed expectation December 2017, 3.7500%, contract value = $15,625.00

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