After nearly 10 years of respectable performance this program experienced a drawdown of -$7,813.80 on the 12th of April 2019. Program drawdowns are measured from highest intra-day equity high to lowest intra-day equity low.

-$7,813.80 took out this program’s risk  tolerance level of -$7,500.00 by -$318.80 the automatic equity stop loss engaged at -$7,500.00 and all positions were liquidated by the settlement on the 12th of  April 2019, final post liquidation drawdown -$7,561.82.

I’m going to continue to monitor this program’s performance, should it recover generating an acceptable return on risk  I may reactivate it with a higher minimum start balance, for updates please contact me.

Lifetime Performance Summary July 2009 though closure  12 April 2019

Minimum Starting Balance $12,500.00
Cumulative Net Profit
Maximum Drawdown (60.45%)
($7,561.82 )
Best Year 2012 +112.93%
Worst Year 2011 +60.28%
2007-2019 Average +82.36%

Performance is based on trading one $12,500 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all net profits annually.

The program has a realistic risk factor of $7,500 USD per unit, if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in the program.

Risk Disclosure  Defining Account Risk

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